Umbrella Wrapper

Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers (SmartWrapper)

The wet floor is one of the main causes of slipping accidents. Slipping is one of the main causes of major injuries on rainy
and snowy days. Lots of people every year suffer a serious injury as a result of slipping. Society has become more claim
conscious about such problems. The goods displayed in department stores, shopping centers and other busy stores may
be also damaged by the dropping water from shoppers' wet umbrellas.

The wet umbrella wrapper prevents the floors from getting wet and slippery due to water from the customers’ wet umbrellas.
On top of it, you can save the cleaning work and maintenance by the workers.

When you install our wet umbrella wrappers at the entrances of buildings, such problems can be immediately removed,
and then you can relieve the visiting customers’ afraid and raise your company’s best courtesy service to your valuable

The wet umbrella wrappers should be conveniently and smartly wrapped in the bags. Otherwise such umbrella wrapping
machines will be a source of anxiety instead of giving the visitors the convenience. Please get more information on our
elegant and quality products and the best wrapping functions of our wet umbrella wrappers “ SmartWrapper ”.

  • Keep the entrance area clean and free of water on rainy and snowy days.
  • Smart wrapping in a single move
  • Compact and elegant design.
  • Easy to place where necessary.
  • Usable for both short (folded) and long umbrellas.
  • Fast wrapping for visitors storming in.
  • Maintenance free
  • No electricity or other connection required.
  • Proven a must on rainy and snowy days.

Our wet umbrella wrappers, Smart Packs are manufactured under the strict quality control and thoroughly tested and inspected accordingly.

We are sure of that you would be satisfied with the advanced design, smart wrapping process, reasonable prices, punctual delivery, our best service on the international business and more.

Umbrella Wrapper