Umbrella Wrapper


The Quality Features of Our Wet Umbrella Wrappers, SmartWrapper.

Besides the excellent and updated designs, we have improved all the mechanism parts to get the wrapping
process smartly done. The wrapping bags should be neither torn nor pressed together in the wrapping process.
The wrapping bags should not be stayed behind. The wrapping bags should be accurately positioned fit for the
wet umbrella's regular downloading. Otherwise, the wet umbrella would not be conveniently wrapped in a bag.
Then, such wrapping machine will be a source of anxiety instead of giving the visitors the convenience on
rainy day and snowy day.

We have applied the Korea Patent Bureau for design registration and mechanism.

(1) Smart Wrapping Process
We have newly improved such a big inserting top hole, the wrapping mechanism, grooves on the inserting hole and the bag-feeding module helping the wet umbrellas wrapped smartly.

(2) Excellent Design and Color Combination
The body has a elegant surface of brushed stainless steel. The lid is processed in the textured black by the powder coating.

(3) Compact Size
The wet umbrella wrapper is made of possibly compact size for the busy area at the entrances

(4) Advanced Wrapping Mechanism
We have developed the advanced wrapping mechanism in order to avoid the following problems frequently occurred from the other products.

-The wrapping bags are frequently torn.
-The wrapping bags are pressed together.
-The wrapping bags are stayed behind without being accurately positioned for the wet umbrellas.

(5) Big Inserting Hole and Grooves
In case of putting the folded umbrellas in the small inserting hole, you have to roll up
inconveniently the wet umbrellas by hands. Thus, we have enlarged the inserting hole
so that the folded umbrellas can easily be put in.

There are added grooves on the wall of inserting hole for the tip of umbrella to be
conveniently and quickly slide down to the wrapping bags for the smart wrapping.

(6) Die Casting Handles
The grip handles made from the die casting moulds of high quality gives the stability and
safety in relocating umbrella wrappers rather than any ABS handles or other metals.

(7) Casters & Large Wire Handle
The sturdy casters and Large Wire Handle help you moving

(8) Updated Design of Umbrella Wrapper
Model UW1-63 is newly developed into the shape of Eiffel Tower. The visitors love this
model on the lobby of hotels and banks.

(9) Printing Logo/Letters on Wrapping Bags
Your logo/letters can be printed on the bags.

(10) Customized Sticker
As per request, the customized sticker in any letters can be affixed on the top of umbrella wrappers


Umbrella Wrapper